Huawei’s Botswana footprint ‘commendable’: MD

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Gao Wenli, Managing Director of Huawei Botswana, is upbeat about the progress his company has made in the country so far. Presenting a paper on the presence of Huawei in the country Gao Wenli said Huawei’s aim is to build a Better Connected Digital World.

“Since 1998, we have been making joint efforts with our local partners present here today to provide high-quality telecommunication networks to people in Botswana so that they can equally enjoy the benefits of interconnected and digital communication. We have always focused on building a better connected Botswana. We have helped BTCL to extend network coverage to even the remotest areas; we have cooperated with BoFiNet to construct the national backbone fiber network; we have worked closely with Mascom to provide the high-speech 4G LTE broadband network. All these efforts have brought to people in Botswana better connectivities, and these connectivities are the critical factors for the economic and social development of Botswana.”

In addition to the above progress, Huawei is actively cooperating with Governments and enterprises in Africa to deploy various ICT solutions, including e-Government, e-Health, e-Education, etc, using the most innovative technologies for the improvement of people’s lives.

“For individual consumers, we have brought in a wide series of cost-effective smart phones and terminal devices, to help them enjoy the convenience and fun brought by telecommunication connectivity. I am very proud to say that Huawei’s smart phones are gaining a significant market share in Botswana and we believe this success is due to our innovative products meeting each and every customers’ specific requirements,”

In accordance with the international best practices, Wenli said his organisation was diligently pursuing the path of localization to the spirit and letter of the localization demands. “Localization has been a critical factor to our overseas market development. Currently in Botswana, out of the total staff of 85, 74 are locally employed, marking a localization rate of over 85%. Huawei attaches great importance to training of local employees. Every year, we send over 1/4 of our employees for training in HQ in China or regional training centers or other countries to be trained on new projects. This has resulted in an ever increasing localization rate of our staff.”

Consequently, Huawei believes that in the Future we shall live in a fully connected world. “People to people, people to things, and things to things, everything will be interconnected. It is our sincere hope that we work with you all present here today, as Government, Telecom Operators, Enterprises, Individual Businesses and Consumers, to build a better connected Botswana, to make digital economy a bridge for Botswana to realize leapfrog development. We count on your support and together we will make it possible,” he emphasised.  


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