Huawei nurtures ICT talent growth in Botswana

It is now evident that stakeholders in the country are sweating it all out to sustain the development of Information and Communication Technology in the country. In Botswana, the Huawei ICT competition which started off in Botswana in October 2019 with roadshows in four universities across the country is here to stay according to the organisers. 

The same competition is alive and up and running in 2020. With the theme “Connection, Glory, Future”, the Huawei ICT competition 2019-2020 aims to provide a platform for global ICT talents to showcase their ability, compete and communicate. “The competition encourages ICT-related study and drives the growth of a robust ICT talent ecosystem,” says one of the competition organisers.

As it stands to date, over 500 students have registered from mainly the country’s three universities which are the University of Botswana (UB), Botho University, Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) and Botswana Accountancy College (BAC). After the preliminary exams in the end of November 2019, the national final for Botswana was conducted on December 20th. This year, the students had the opportunity to choose between two tracks, the network and the cloud track. The network track contains a mix of several technologies such as WLAN, security, routing and switching while the cloud track consists of cloud computing, storage, big data and artificial intelligence.

This is the second executive year where the global leading ICT solutions provider is hosting the competition in Botswana. The registered students had the opportunity to access learning materials online and the certification portfolio provided by Huawei was free of charge.

With rapid advancement in emerging technologies, industries are poised to grow accordingly, thereby changing the very nature of jobs. The inadequacy of ICT skills is increasingly becoming a bottleneck for embracing opportunities in the digital era. Therefore, Huawei emphasizes fostering an open and sustainable ICT talent ecosystem to equip the new generation with employable skills and increased competencies required in the job market. Huawei is thus working closely with universities across the country to achieve this.

A “Talent Platform” has been created where the registered students where students were given access to online trainings, lab exercises and mock exams to learn and practice. Huawei ensured that the training contents were well aligned with skills required in the job market. This would allow the students to already have some knowledge of the emerging technologies, thereby demonstrating their capability of maturing into world-class experts.

In order to bridge the ICT skills gap and fostering ICT talent pool required for national socioeconomic development, Huawei Botswana has been working with the government and academic partners to upskill the new generation. Top students in the University will be provided with the latest training in technologies sponsored abroad during the “Seeds For The Future Program”. 20 students have been sponsored so far to support the government’s initiatives in promoting innovation and ICT learning. Huawei Botswana has already signed with five universities who became Huawei ICT academies, giving students access to industrially-recognised certification courses.

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