Cutting-edge technology helping staff and guests at the Best Western Hotel in Lusaka

Zambia’s hospitality industry is on the cusp of a game-changing technological revolution that will help it remain competitive on a global stage, says Paratus Telecom.

Hotels are finding themselves at the forefront of technology in order to keep pace with increasing demand from international business and leisure travellers for fast and reliable internet connectivity.

“High-speed internet is a must for every hotel, guests can no longer do without it, they need it to transact and conduct business. We have taken note of this growing demand and that’s the reason why we are now providing bespoke internet to hotels in an effort to meet this demand and improve customer satisfaction,” said Paratus Telecom Zambia Country Manager Marius Van Vuuren.

Not only has the company seen growing demand from hotel guests, but the hospitality industry itself is also calling for greater sophistication in its data connectivity needs.

Van Vuuren echoed the call: “Good internet connectivity is as important as having a good night’s sleep, and high-speed internet is one of the most important factors for guests when choosing a hotel. Hotels are now more aware of reliable internet than ever before, it attracts customers.”

With this in mind, Paratus Telecom Zambia is now helping the country’s leading hotels to attract business and leisure travellers and subsequently, building the nation’s tourism industry.

The Radisson Blu and Best Western hotels are already ahead of the game, having installed new systems from Paratus Telecom that ensures they provide guests and staff with the best possible connectivity.

“This move has upped the game, with a number of other leading hotels now looking to follow suit in order to upgrade their systems to keep ahead of the increasing demand from guests,” he explains.

He says it’s not about just being connected. “Most hotels already provide in-room WiFi, it’s about the quality of service, reliability and the ability to control access to optimise the bandwidth needs of internet-hungry guest.”

Indeed, catering for guest data needs has parallels to catering for their dining requirements. There are various demands throughout the day that need to be managed; there are different preferences, from light snacks to gourmet banquets. Similarly, guests might need to send large files urgently, speak to their loved-ones online, watch a movie, or simply check the latest news from back home.

“We understand that business travellers are as likely to choose a hotel based on the availability and quality internet service as for its comfort. This means that internet has become more important for business travellers as well as those in the hospitality industry,” he says.

Availability of a high-speed internet connection is one of the criteria essential for hotels to be rated five-star. To meet this rating, more hotels are either upgrading or connecting to internet with high consideration for speed, convenience and performance.

For Paratus Telecom, high speed internet is not only about raising hotel rating but about bringing business to hotels. Quality internet is an essential service for hotels to improve guest relations and to increase profits.

Like any other amenity, internet adds to the guest’s overall experience. During a hotel stay, reliable and secure internet is necessary because wherever guests are and whatever they are doing, they expect to be connected. So, it’s high speed internet service that makes guests feel attached to a hotel and makes them want to come back to stay again.

“Quality internet is definitely the key consideration when choosing a hotel. Business travellers need reliable internet, it is the most important service for hotel owners to attract more travellers. Providing world-class internet to meet customer needs is our focus,” he concludes.


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