History being made at BTCL

History is being made at Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTCL), as record after record is broken during Botswana’s first ever citizen reserved Initial Public Offering (IPO). Batswana have come out strongly in support of BTCL’s historic IPO, with thousands of Offers having been made already.

So far, this Offer will bring an estimated 15,000 new shareholders to the BSE. This is with 24 days left before the Offer closes at 17h00 on the 4th of March 2016. “We are preparing ourselves for the final wave of Offers to come during the later part of February,”’ said Kennedy Kgomanyane of Stockbrokers Botswana, the sponsoring broker to BTCL IPO. “Batswana have certainly shown great interest and excitement for this share. There is clear evidence that Batswana have taken the time to learn more about shares as an investment option. This can only be good for the BSE in the long term. Future IPOs will build off the back of this one and hopefully uptake then will be as intense and active as it is now.”

With over 30,000 prospectuses in circulation, 290,000 application forms printed, 61 public roadshow activations (covering over 6,000kms and 31 villages/towns), and 100,000 Frequently Asked Questions fliers distributed nationwide, finding information on the IPO has been relatively simple. This, combined with proactive social media activity with over 25,000 Facebook “Likes” in a month, means Batswana had access to information from all quarters. The ambition to ensure that as many Batswana as possible participate has been the driving force behind this unprecedented public education drive.

 “‘Ke Ya Rona Rotlhe’ is more than just a nice saying; it is the personal goal of every member of the BTCL IPO team. We wish to ensure that no Motswana is left out of this historic opportunity,” said Anthony Masunga, Chief Operating Officer at BTCL.

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