Highlighting Blockchain Technology at Ghana’s Community Conference

Community members from around the country will converge at Mofiamo later this month to attend the first Linum Labs Blockchain Community Conference in Ghana.

Linum Labs, in partnership with Mofiamo, will host the Conference on the 10th of November 2018, to engage with the local community to raise awareness on emerging technologies such as blockchain.

The event will be an open platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, connecting innovators, technologists, developers, and enthusiasts, all while educating attendees on the various ways that blockchain technology can advance and impact the local community. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate in the event.

Awareness of emerging technologies, accessibility to knowledge resources and education are amongst the many reasons why Linum Labs seeks to highlight blockchain technology, in a time where African innovation is rapidly increasing. Individuals will develop a good understanding of the blockchain and how it works from insightful and informative presentations delivered by a number of industry experts. Speakers will dive into real-world use-cases by acknowledging current and future applications and how they are being implemented to change the world.

The importance in bringing blockchain events to Ghana is paramount as many people still only know the trading and cryptocurrency aspects, and very little about the underpinning technology, blockchain.

This disruptive technology is transforming the way do business today. By converging with some of the leading minds and technologists within the space, attendees will gain a better understanding of how blockchain technology is impacting industries such as finance and banking, retail, supply chain management, insurance, health, energy and more.

It is the members within a community that make up the contributors, innovators, and change-makers, that form a fundamental part of the decentralized future that blockchain technology aims to create.

Linum Labs has come to Ghana to inspire a new way of thinking by providing community members with freely accessible knowledge on blockchain technology to reinvent the future as we know it.

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