Headway Consulting partners with the National ICT Summit 2019 as Silver Sponsor

Headway Consulting is pleased to announce it has signed on as Silver Sponsor for the 6th National ICT Summit scheduled to take place from the 7th – 9th October 2019, in Windhoek. This year’s theme is: “Accelerating Digital Transformation in Namibia”. The Summit creates a platform for the ICT industry to discuss trends and challenges facing the industry globally and in the country.  Headway has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Summit, right from the inception of the event six years ago.

Headway is a Namibian company that provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions and consulting for the Namibian market, as well as internationally across Africa. It has always supported and been part of the Namibian ICT Summit. As Silver Sponsor, Headway will collaborate with other stakeholders and Government to advance our economy, our healthcare, our socio-economic activities, education, environment and agricultural endeavours to name but a few.

Recently the news was released that Namibia continues to improve its position on the Global ICT ranking index according to the United Nations report on ICT. This of course is very encouraging and proof of our country’s commitment to becoming a digital and technologically innovative force to be reckoned with in Africa. Jan Coetzee, Managing Director of Headway said; “Accelerating Digital transformation in Namibia is essential if we want to close the digital divide and become competitive. There’s no reason why our youthful nation cannot become a true African and global player in innovation and technology. This ICT Summit will work as a catalyst to make this happen.”  Headway has been at the forefront of stimulating  not just to make Namibia, but the whole of Africa an ICT force to be reckoned with.

The Minister of ICT Stanley Simaata said ; “The success of the summit will be reflected in the utility and value that can be derived from it by the participants. We will train our youth and ensure our ICT-infrastructure is safe and secure from cyber criminals together with our partners as we continue to develop the Namibian ICT-landscape.”

The Summit creates a platform for the Tech and ICT companies as well as relevant NGO’s and Ministries both locally, regionally and internationally to come together to discuss trends and challenges facing the industry globally and in the country. ICT industry players use this platform to showcase their ICT solutions and services.

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