Government of Uganda develops Web standards

NITA-U has developed guidelines for development and management of all Government, Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) websites. The guidelines are primarily intended to improve government online presence as well as service delivery.

These guidelines address common policy issues and practical challenges that Government departments face during development and management of their websites. The guidelines aim to assist the departments in ensuring that their websites conform to the international minimum standard as well.  This is expected to enhance the trust of the citizens while accessing Government information and online services.

Compliance to these guidelines will ensure a high degree of consistency and uniformity in the content coverage and presentation and further promote excellence of Ugandan online. 

The document provides guidance and guidelines which are all intended to improve the quality, reliability, accuracy and accessibility of online information about Uganda and ensure consistent experience for all users. The main objective is to ensure that:

  • Departments meet the broader communication objectives of government
  • Departments’ websites are comprehensively, accurate and authoritative
  • The information on government websites is updated and maintained
  • Government websites are usable and accessible
  • Government websites look uniform, conform to a standard  domain nomenclature
  • Government websites managers follow best practices for quality websites.

NITA-U is a holding a stakeholder consultation workshop at Statistics House to discuss the guidelines and get input from all the key stakeholders before operationalization.

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