Google mobility trend to social places drops by over 45% in Kenya due to Covid-19

Victor Amadala,Kenya

Mobility trends for places like restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and other social places have dropped by a whopping 77 per cent due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google’s location tracker has revealed. 

In Kenya, the mobility trend for restaurants and recreational centres has dropped by 45 per cent and 33 per cent for groceries and pharmacy. 

The use of public transport on other hand has shrunk by 39 per cent in the East African nation where at least 126 people are now infected with the virus. 

The mobility report posted by the tech giant showed the biggest drop in Germany, Spain and Italy which have since imposed total lockdown to limit the spread of the virus that has since claimed over 50,000 lives and infected over a million people globally.

The rate at which people are visiting places like grocery markets, food warehouses, drug stores and other essential goods supply stores has shrunk 51 per cent in the last one month. 

The use of public transport such as subways, buses and train stations especially in Europe and the US has dropped 68 per cent with most people opting to stay indoors. 

The Google location tracker also revealed that the number of people reporting to their job places has reduced by 39 per cent, an indication that most companies globally have adopted the ‘work from home’ strategy. 

The mobility trends for places of work in Kenya is down by 22 per cent while Google traffic to parks has dropped by 20 per cent. 

In Kenya for instance, a recent survey conducted by a human resources consulting firm Corporate Staffing Services shows that 65 per cent of employers have allowed their staff to work from home following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on March 15. 

As expected, mobility trends for places of residence have soared 11 per cent globally in the past one month. In Kenya, it has increased 17 per cent. 

In a blog post, the tech giant said its data intends to dangle a similar idea of public policy utility while providing an eyeball-grabbing public snapshot of mobility shifts via data pulled off of its global user-base.

Google has issued mobility trends for every country


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