Google maps navigation for iPhone, Android launched in Kenya

By Semaj Itosno, Nairobi, Kenya

Google has officially launched Google maps navigation services in Kenya for phones running Android 2.2 or superior and iOS 5.1 (and above).  

This effectively means Kenyans using phones running on android and iOS (i-phones) can drive to unfamiliar destinations guided by their handsets.

The feature comes free with supported smartphones just like the rest of Google Maps. However users would pay for Internet connectivity even if the application is free.

With the turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation a user no longer need to look at the phone screen to follow the route. One only needs to listen for indications.

The Google Maps Navigation also allows users to search for locations by their business names.

Google Maps Navigation (Beta) is an Internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voice driving directions as a feature of Google Maps for mobile.

The solution uses Internet connection to give the latest maps and driving directions with the free application.

To get Google Maps Navigation (Beta), you only need to search for and download the newest release of 'Google Maps' in Google Play or the Apple App Store.


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