Google launches Kenya election projects

Google has launched a Kenyan election hub as one of its projects to support the upcoming election.

Google says in its blog that the Internet is increasingly playing year major role in transforming the way citizens participate and engages in the elections across Africa.

With March 4th a pivotal moment as Kenyan voters go to the polls, citizens are  already turning to the internet for information. According to Google Zeitgeist , the IEBC (Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission) was the top trending search in Kenya in 2012, and all the major candidates have a strong presence across the various social media outlets.

To help empower Kenyans with access and useful information falling on the upcoming elections, Google is launching a number of initiatives to make it easy for voters to find information and make their voices heard. It has partnered with the IEBC to provide open source technology powering their online voting tools , iIncluding registration confirmation online and over SMS, mapping the polling stations, and a developer API . W

In addition to helping drive citizen engagement, Google has trained local journalists, civil society and political party on digital tools for elections, and partnered with local media supporting the organisms to use Google+ Hangouts for of interviews with candidates .  

It has also launched the Kenya Elections Hub, a portal where voters, journalists and campaigns can track news, trends information related to the election easily. 

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