Global Accelerex launches certified Android PoS terminal in Nigeria

Global Accelerex, a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed payment terminal service provider and payment service solution provider, has launched NEXGO N5, the first single unit Android point of sale terminal (PoS) to be certified for payment acceptance in Nigeria.

The revolutionary device in the nation's payment system runs on Lollipop 5.0 operating system and performs four times faster than any other payment terminal around. It has efficient battery conservation and high performance. It is loaded with better protection against vulnerabilities and malware, giving users peace of mind that allows them to focus on running their businesses effectively.

Commenting on the introduction of the new product, Mr. Kayode Ariyo, the company's Chief Operating Officer remarked that the introduction of the terminal marks another milestone in their quest to revolutionize PoS business in Nigeria with the most efficient payment solutions. He reiterated the company's bias for world-class technology, excellent service quality and innovation.

According to the Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Stanley Peters, "We remain committed in our determination to deploy the best available PoS systems in the world into Nigeria. We will leverage technology to make payment systems faster, safer and more dependable. The unique terminal offers improved network selection logic, limited interruption of connectivity and standby power time of 120 hours, lasting up to five days before the battery drains out”.

Packed with a Quad-Core processor, the smart terminal enables users multitask – giving them the luxury to perform multiple functions on the PoS terminal, without it slowing down or hanging. The processor also encourages lower power consumption and higher performance per watt.

It comes loaded with a plethora of applications, for the enhancement of business operational efficiency. It generates coupons for sales promotions, creates sales records, creates invoices for merchants such as warehouses, retail outlets and others, Inventory management which includes monitoring the stock, re-order level and automatic replenishment systems.

With its sleek and stylish design, this cutting-edge device has garnered world-class certifications which include PCI - certification of payment data security by international standards; EMVco - evaluates the security of a payment card before a transaction is approved; Visa - for smooth transition of card and contactless transactions; Mastercard - enhances functional reliability, interoperability and overall security; and AmEX, which enables international card acceptance and seamless transaction approval.

The N5 provides users with features no other PoS can. It supports the use of magnetic strip cards, IC cards, contactless and Near Field Communications (NFC) transactions. All the user needs to do is swipe the card atop the terminal, and the transaction starts processing.

Global Accelerex is a leading provider of PoS terminals and PoS terminal applications, committed to providing payment solutions that evolve with customers’ needs. It has in its stable a multitude of portable and convenient PoS terminals in the NEXGO series, ranging from the NEXGO K370 to NEXGO G870, G2 and G3.

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