Glo unveils Talk Special

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

National telecoms operator Globacom has launched a new product called Talk Special in a move it said would enhance the communication experience of subscribers on its platform. It also reloaded three other products which were launched recently to boost the power of its customers to use their phones for education, social and business purposes. 

The repackaged products are Campus Booster, which is now called Campus Booster Plus Voice, Twin Bash and the Glo N2500 data plan which has been reloaded to give 5GB data bundle per month instead of the previous 4.5GB data bundle.

In a press statement issued in Lagos this week, Globacom explained that Talk Special gives subscribers six times the value of the subscribed amount and is specially designed for subscribers who use more talk time and less data. The product also gives subscribers additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free.

Globacom stated that, in the Talk Special offer, a N100 subscription will give the subscriber N400 talk-time to call all networks and 75MB data worth N300. The 75MB data includes 25MB free data that can be gifted to friends and loved ones. To enjoy the unmatched benefits of the offer, customers are to dial *303# to select their bundle of choice from the N100, N200, N500, N1,000, and N5,000 available denominations.

For customers who use more data and less voice, Globacom has the new reloaded Twin Bash, which gives six times the value of the recharge to subscribers and additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free.

It said that any subscriber who recharges with N100, for instance, will get 125MB data worth N500, part of which is 25MB data for subscribers to give out as gift to another Glo customer and N200 talk-time to call all networks. The offer is available in all other recharge denominations such as N200, N500, N1,000, and N5,000.

Glo advised customers to dial *223*PIN# to enjoy the abundant benefits of the reloaded Twin Bash. Customers can also buy Twin Bash bundles by dialling *303#.

On the reloaded Campus Booster Plus Voice, the next generation network explained that the product, the first of its kind in Nigeria, has now been improved to give free talk time to customers. The unique product gives subscribers eight times more value for their existing data while browsing on the campuses across the country. For a N200 data plan, for example, the subscriber gets 200MB of data off campus, but 400MB on campus and an extra N50 as talk-time to make calls. The Campus Booster plus Voice bundles are also available in the N500, N1,000, N2,000 and N5000 denominations.

With the enhanced product, Globacom stated, students and other members of the academic communities around the country can have extra data for academic, research and social activities.

To subscribe to the data plan, customers are required to dial *777# and choose a Campus Booster Plus Voice plan of their choice. Globacom advised customers to dial *606# to gift free data on any of the products as well as configure their 10 special numbers.

The third reloaded product, the N2500 Data Plan, gives customers a massive 5GB data valid for 30 days. It is the best offer in its category in Globacom said the new Talk Special and the reloaded products were a result of Globacom’s passion to provide affordable and efficient voice and data services for students and business

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