Glo connects subscribers to millions of organisations through Directory Service

Millions of subscribers on the Glo Mobile network have been given a unique opportunity to access the addresses of millions of organizations in Nigeria as the leading telecommunication company has introduced the Glo Service Directory.

Globacom said the mobile service directory will add value to the lives of millions of Nigerians who can explore the links and opportunities offered by the directory to source for instant relevant information from various organizations in Nigeria at crucial moments.

Speaking on the new package, Globacom’s Marketing Coordinator, Adeniyi Olukoya, described the Glo Service Directory as a first-class means of accessing business information in the country, adding that the package will go a long way in facilitating business processes across all sectors of the economy.

Olukoya therefore called on business entities as well as entrepreneurs and individuals to maximise the opportunity provided by the Glo Service Directory to increase their bottom line.

“The core objective of the directory is to empower Glo subscribers and ensure they have easy access to millions of addresses and directories of organisations in Nigeria such as hospitals, restaurants, police stations, government offices, workshops, etc”“ Olukoya stated.

Explaining how to use the service, Olukoya said subscribers seeking information about an organisation need to place a call to 7411 via their mobile phones or fixed lines and then mention their specific area of interest. “The calls are established on the GLO network and forwarded to the Clearing House, which in turn will process the information through the appropriate channels and revert to the caller promptly with the required information over the phone,” Olukoya stated.

For instance, a Glo subscriber can dial the short code (7411) to make directory enquires on how to get to System Technology office in Enugu or how to obtain the address of a genuine blood bank in an area to save the life of a dying child. The Glo Service Directory call center is open 24 hours a day.

Olukoya said that there is a dedicated call centre of 50 employees who are supporting the provision of the Glo Service Directory all round the clock, adding that the Directory is a “must have” for all Nigerians to use in their day-to-day endeavour.  He therefore encouraged telephone subscribers who are not yet on Glo network to walk into any Gloworld shop and pick up their Glo SIM cards, register it, and hook on to this rare opportunity.

The network charges N50 per minute when using the Glo Service Directory.

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