Gilat Telecom chooses Cisco to upgrade Its POPs in DRC, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia

Gilat Telecom (formerly known as Gilat Satcom) today announced a significant investment in its African network that will enable it to meet the growing demand for fast and reliable broadband services - and introduce new Value Added services.

Over the next few months, Cisco will be upgrading and expanding Gilat Telecom’s existing PoPs in DRC, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia – and building an additional POP in each country.

This investment expands Gilat Telecom’s network in Africa and enables it to provide services based on cutting-edge technology and a robust network with faster and more reliable browsing of international and locally-hosted websites. In addition, it will enable Gilat Telecom to enhance the portfolio of services offered, to include data protection, cloud telephony and distributed private networks.

Gilat Telecom has continued to cement its position as one of the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity providers in Africa. Its integrated pan-African fibre and satellite networks means that it offers very high Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Last year the company was named as the Best African Satellite Provider in recognition of its ongoing investment in the development of a whole host of innovative technologies across both its satellite and fibre networks.

Dan Zajicek, CEO of Gilat Telecom, said “Our recent name change supports our strategy of long-term investment in African fibre as well as satellite network. This significant upgrade of our network will enable us to support the rapid growth in Africa and introduce Value Added Services as blue chip customers realize the many benefits of using existing wholesale networks rather than building their own. This is a market in which Gilat Telecom is well-positioned and able to provide many successful customer stories.”

In the near future, Gilat Telecom will launch a number of new value-added services for Africa's corporations including advanced cyber security solutions and data protection services.

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