Gilat Satcom sponsors Niger’s Telecoms Conference

Gilat Satcom is sponsoring and speaking at the Niger HTA telecoms conference which will take place on Thursday October 17 at the Hotel Gaweye in Niamey, the capital of Niger. At the conference, Gilat Satcom will unveil a raft of new services specifically tailored to help SMEs, larger enterprises and Governments in West Africa to improve their broadband connectivity and reduce costs.

HTA is a trade body which is helping in the development of Niger’s economy through the provision of expert advice and suppliers in telecoms, energy, agriculture and other industries. The conference will be attended by Niger’s Minister for Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, Mr. Abdou Mani as well as senior figures from within the country’s telcoms industry.

Gilat Satcom will be showcasing its portfolio of satellite and fiber services suitable for deployment in both urban and rural environments.  Liptinfor and Alink, two of Gilat Satcom’s business partners in Niger, will also be at the show discussing how they are providing voice and data to enterprises throughout the country using Gilat Satcom’s global communication service. 

According to the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in 2012 Niger had a population of 16.3 million but only 212,480 Internet users and less than 9% teledensity.

In addition to its pan-Africa satellite footprint, Gilat Satcom also has an extensive fibre network. It is amongst the first companies in Africa to offer both East to West coast and international connectivity. Its MPLS network connects to both the WACS and EASSy undersea cables via fibre local loops across Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana and Mozambique. 

Eran Yoran, Marketing Director of Gilat Satcom, said: “This show in Niger is a wonderful development and clearly demonstrates that the growing demand for high quality global communication services is yet to be met . We have reliable business partners in the country and we are here to show our support for them”. 

Gilat Satcom’s African headquarters is in Lagos and it has a number of joint ventures across Africa including Microlink in Zambia and Raga in the DRC.

Gilat Satcom is a shareholder in WIOCC, the owners of the EASSy and WACS undersea cables, and an established provider of voice and data over satellite in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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