Ghana's vice President, John Mahama

By Nana Appiah Acquaye , Accra, Ghana

Ghana’ s vice President, John Dramani Mahama, has officially opened the first ever on-line trade fair in Ghana, applauding the organisers for initiating such a “ brilliant concept” .

The online trade fair is aimed at making things easy for customers to access services from registered businesses without having to travel to the companies.

Mahama said “ searches on the internet for product or services often turn up foreign goods, which is not good for local businesses. He added that initiatives like Ghana’ s on-line sales fair would allow customers to find local products and services on one platform.

He noted that the challenge Ghanaian business communities often face is difficulty in getting consistent business.

He added that new product should have a positive impact on the Better Ghana- Agenda by bringing about a change in the way business is done in the country.

“ My hope is that all future on-line sales fair will showcase Ghana as a nation eager to engage and collaborate with the rest of the world in business partnerships” he said.

He commended businesses already subscribing to platform, and urged them to check their e-mail regularly to ensure that they don’ t keep customers waiting for long.

Speaking to BiztechAfrica in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of Web & Software Limited, Philip Gamey, disclosed that customers would have the opportunity to log on the and select a business they wish to deal with from a number of options no matter their place or time.

Over 120 businesses are participating in the fair.

The site is been optimised for fast downloads on computers, Mac, iPod and mobile phones.

Gamey pointed out that the guiding principle of the fair is to give customers exactly what they want , with access to up to date information about the products on offer,  and it would take customer a minute or less to contact a business.

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