L-R: Madam Rita - CEO of Mobile Money Limited, Eli Hini

The Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Money Limited, Eli Hini, has revealed that across Africa, Ghana has emerged as one of the shining examples of using mobile money innovation to drive a cash-lite society while enhancing financial inclusion across all levels of the economy. 

According to him, Ghanaians within the informal sector who were left out of the financial ecosystem are all playing active roles in Ghana’s financial ecosystem through the mobile money intervention. 

Speaking at a brief handing over ceremony of a building facility to Madam Rita Tetteh, the woman and voice behind MoMo’s first commercial “Me Nsa Aka ooooo” in Accra, Mr. Hini confirmed that the impact and success stories of MoMo in the country have been telling – offering mobile financial services to the banked and unbanked and creating job opportunities for millions of Ghanaians.

He attributed the success of MoMo activities today to some of the roles played by Madam Rita Tetteh and her team at a time when the journey to create a convenient way of undertaking financial transactions with an electronic Money transfer system accessible via the mobile phone had just begun, hence the need for the service to be broken down into very simple communication that will resonate with the masses and drive wide acceptance.

“Madam Rita’s role and delivery as well the entire cast in MoMo’s first ever commercial, played a significant role in appealing to the Ghanaian populace.

From there, Madam Rita joined us across the length and breadth of the country as we created awareness about the MoMo service. Today, Madam Rita’s efforts, as well as those of several others who believed in the opportunities MoMo presented at the time, have yielded positive results,” he said.

“In view of the success chalked over the years, Mobile Money decided to honor all stakeholders who played very critical roles in the MoMo journey during our 10thAnniversary celebrations. At special stakeholders’ awards night, plagues and certificates of honor were presented to all stakeholders. However, we chose to handle Madam Rita’s contribution differently by engaging her to find out what would be most precious to her, and she told us she needed a permanent place of abode, he added. 

"Mobile Money Limited decided to honor the request after she sent us the plan of the type of facility she wanted. Today, we are happy to honor our promise and present this 2-bedroom house worth over GHC 300,000.00 to Madam Rita Nhyiraba Tetteh." 

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