Getting online in a PC-less world

Of new internet users in many countries, up to half have never used a PC to go online, shows a new survey

In a white paper published by web browser company Opera Software, the research company On Device Research has looked into the demographics of mobile browser users globally and collected more than 34,000 responses to their survey.

Comparing Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users to users of other mobile browser platforms, the white paper sheds light on the different categories of Opera users in different countries and how they choose to use the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers.

The survey found that in some countries, roughly half of new web users are mobile-only. They’ve never used a regular computer to connect to the Internet. Globally, 56% of global Opera users access the internet only via their mobile versus 43% of non-Opera users.
Users of Opera browsers are 35% more likely to purchase music via their mobile devices than those who don’t use Opera and 29% more likely to purchase games.

In most countries, Opera users are younger and have completed more years of study. Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users are generally more satisfied with their mobile-internet experiences than those who use their handset’s native browsers.

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