Gateway's fibre network reaches Malawi

Gateway Communications’ fibre-optic terrestrial network has gone live in Malawi, with Botswana and Namibia to follow.

The company says in a statement that the fibre optic terrestrial route will provide capacity via the SEACOM and EASSy sub-sea cables.

It says: “ The high speed system will ensure that carriers and customers in Malawi receive increased capacity that is high-quality and reliable. Malawi will also have direct access to capacity from Africa, instead of re-routing all connectivity needs through Europe.  All of the available capacity has already been sold, reflecting the demand from within Malawi for accessible connectivity.  Gateway Communications is already looking to build on to the project later this year, allowing for further utilisation.”

Malawi currently has an Internet penetration of 4.6% and a mobile penetration of 16%, leaving huge potential for growth and an opportunity for more citizens to get connected.  Improved capacity will also positively impact the country’ s main economic sectors, including agriculture, as businesses can connect with a wider market for trade and information.

“ Gateway Communications’ long-term vision is to provide affordable and accessible high-quality connectivity for every country in Africa,” said Mike van den Bergh, CEO of Gateway Communications. “ This will  be achieved through the ongoing investment we are making in infrastructure, the roll-out of terrestrial networks, our fibre capacity on all sub-sea cables and our on the ground local expertise throughout Africa .”

This year will see Gateway Communications implementing similar initiatives in both Botswana and Namibia as well as further afield across Africa

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