Galaxy Note 4 launched in DRC by Vodacom, Samsung

By Issa Sikiti da Silva, in Kinshasa, DR Congo

Deep-pocketed mobile users in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are preparing to purchase the Galaxy Note 4 device, which was jointly launched over the weekend by Vodacom and South Korean giant Samsung.

The launch event took place on Saturday at the Congo River Hotel during the Breakfast Connection business forum. The device is set to be available on Tuesday at all Vodashops at a cost of US$850 (cash), and US$100 monthly (credit) for Vodacom subscribers.

The phone has already been launched in the US, Asia, UK, Germany, South Africa, among others.

The high-definition smartphone is armed with the 4G LTE technology (category 6), has a 5.7 inch screen, 3 gigs of RAM, USB 3.0, Wifi, an 805 Snapdragon and two photo cameras – all swimming in the ocean of Android 4.4. The phone’s accessories include a wristwatch and a ballpen.

The ‘jewel’ is already giving Congolese phone lovers a big chill down their spine and generating a heated debate here in this mineral-rich nation, where changing a phone every six months is fast becoming a trend despite close to 63% of people living in extreme poverty.

“It’s a jewel, I’m preparing to break the bank if needs to be to acquire it,” Collette Ewanga joked to Biztechafrica. “I wonder how much it will cost in the black market,” Ewanga’s friend Bijou Bula said.

Galaxy Note 4 is a wonderful invention, Samsung DRC boss Bill Kim told the joyous audience, adding that the latest device is the fastest smartphone and the most innovative ever.


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