Gabon Telecom to launch TV on demand

By Issa Sikiti da Silva

Gabon Telecom, a subsidiary of Maroc Telecom, will in near future launch a series of innovative products in the telecommunication market, and one of these includes TV on demand.

This emerged at the talks held last week between Maroc Telecom CEO Abdeslam Ahizoune and Gabon President Ali Bongo in the capital Libreville.

The company has not yet provided the details of the TV on demand launch, but it is believed that the plans to bring such an innovative product in this Central African nation market has been on Maroc Telecom leaders’ minds for some time.

TV on demand is one of the recipes the Gabonese have yet to taste despite their country’s considerable advances in the ICT sector. But Gabon Telecom intends to offer this product as soon as possible.

Ahizoune outlined his company’s future vision for Gabon Telecom to the President, and revealed that his company was lining up several telecom projects that would improve the lives of Gabonese consumers.

The Moroccan telecom giant is holding 51% stake in Gabon Telecom, a company it acquired in 2007 and merged it with mobile operator Libertis.

Gabon Telecom offers fixe, mobile and internet services, and launched its 4G services in October last year – the first to do so in Central Africa.

Many analysts believe that the Moroccan group has made considerable efforts to place Gabon Telecom at the top of the game since its acquisition eight years ago.

Ahizoune admitted at the launch of 4G that Maroc Telecom has made huge investments to make the 4G project dream come true.

“This is part of the efforts to contribute to the development of Gabon, particularly in terms of telecommunications and ICT;” he said.

Emirati group Etisalat is the majority shareholder of Maroc Telecom with 53.09%, while the Moroccan government has a 30% stake in it, and 16.82% is owned by minority shareholders. The company staff owns a mere 0.1%. 

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