Fortinet illustrates need for real world firewall testing

Security solutions firm Fortinet has illustrated the significant difference in performance achieved by various Next Generation Firewalls under real world conditions.

At the Johannesburg leg of a multinational Fortinet and Ixia roadshow, experts outlined the changing face of the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), and stressed that only when solutions have been tested under real use conditions could enterprises consider them effective.

Perry Hutton, regional Director – Africa at Fortinet, said in the face of ever-increasing, multi-vector attacks, enterprises need firewalls that are not just effective, they should also not degrade network performance, he pointed out.

Patrick Grillo, Director Channel Information Security at Fortinet, said to be effective now, a NGFW had to offer application awareness, deep packet inspection, intrusion detection and identity awareness. It also had to evolve constantly, in order to address every possible threat and attack technique.

However, while many solutions might claim to meet the needs of enterprises, they may fail to deliver under real world conditions, said Fortinet and Ixia.

Ixia, which specialises in testing solutions in an actual network topography, simulating real world conditions, had found that many vendors use only HTTP results as an indication of levels of performance; but that the solution’s actual performance levels under real world conditions could be significantly lower than they claimed.

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