Focus on Smart Rwanda

Rwanda, in collaboration with the Work Bank, has staged “Smart Rwanda Days”, a two day co-creation exercise involving global experts and Rwandans to identify possible “smart” solutions to problems in different areas that are innovative, information-driven and ICT-enabled.

Smart Rwanda is about creating a citizen-centric and business-friendly service delivery ecosystem, realised through public and private investments, to transform the economy and benefit Rwandans.

Opening the conference, the Minister of Youth and Youth, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, said: “Smart Rwanda will look at all the innovative ways ICT can drive the socio-economic transformation agenda of our country. Key to the success of Smart Rwanda is the sustainability of all our interventions. Our strategy is to rely on the much needed private sector resources and capabilities.”

This co-exercise was organised to demonstrate how ICT can facilitate the ten Smart verticals i.e. Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, Smart Governance, Smart Business, Smart Agriculture, Smart Environment, Smart Job Creation, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Girls and Smart Cities, all of which aim to enhance delivery of key services to citizens.

On day one of the conference, participants had workshop sessions to discuss three problems, in each of the verticals that ICT could respond to. Participants also heard from experts who have implemented Smart initiatives in Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Moldava. The central premise of discussions was how to respond to end user needs.

On day two, participants were asked to come up with a practical, sustainable solution to one of the problems from the three detailed on day one. Day two was also Smart Africa, with case studies coming from Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

Panelists include Jane Treadwell, CEO of DesignGov, Stela Mocan, Government CIO of the Republic of Moldova, Dorothy Gordon of the Ghana India Koffi Annan Centre, Jeff Kaplan of the World Bank, Wayne Moses Burke, Executive Director of Open Forum Foundation, Caroline Figueres, Executive Director of IICD Netherlands, Paul Kukubo of East Africa Exchange, Dr. Bruce Krogh, Director of Carnegie Mellon University and many more.

The interactive panels also included many of Rwanda’s ICT entrepreneurs and government technicians who came together to discuss possible partnerships that could enhance the lives of Rwandans.

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