Prof Cleopas Angaye

The Director-General of the National Information Technology Agency of Nigeria (NITDA), Prof Cleopas Angaye, says Nigeria needs a strongindigenous presence on the internet.

To achieve this, more enterprises need to adopt the .ng top level domain, and more local content needs to be developed, he said. He added that the government was developing standards and guidelines for government websites and was urging local firms to patronise local software.

Angaye was speaking as part of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) campaign to encourage adoption of the .ng domain name.

He said it was imperative that Nigeria participate actively in cyberspace. He noted that Nigeria’s internet population had grown from 2,418,679 users in 2005 to over 44 million now, giving the country one of the fastest growing internet user bases in sub-Saharan Africa.

NIRA’s ‘Switch’ campaign is actively pushing for adoption of the .ng domain. It recently staged a workshop for government agencies on the switch, following a directive that they should all migrate to the country-specific domain name.

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