Ethiopia looks to digitisation to boost trade

Ethiopia aims to boost trade by digitising processes at the Douala port One-stop shop.

At a meeting of a Steering Committee put in place to facilitate international trade, the Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office, Louis Paul Motaze, highlighted the fact that the paperless programme aimed at eliminating clearance delays and costs at the port.

The Director General of Customs, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the One stop Shop of External Trade and Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the Committee, Minnette Li Liboum Likeng, said the plan of work which they have presented to the Committee has been validated. Prior to the holding of the first session, they had barely launched electronic payment, alongside some other paperless procedures. 

Given the go-ahead, they would be able to fulfil the commitments made to their partners, and would, within 18 months,  reduce goods clearance time to a minimum, reduce costs and render the Douala port more competitive.   


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