Esoko seeks resellers

Agricultural app firm Esoko is seeking partners to resell its solution in countries across Africa.

Ghana-based Esoko has brought to market a mobile system that delivers information to farmers and allows them to advertise online.

A study in Mali found that farmers using the Esoko system realised a 10% revenue increase. Esoko says the platform provides an information channel that agri-businesses, governments and other projects can use to collect and send out market information using SMS.

Esoko is used in over 15 countries in Africa through licensed partners. However, Esoko is actively seeking reseller channels and partners in more countries.

Organisations can become Esoko customers and use the platform and its applications to manage members, customers and suppliers. They can profile farmers, distribute market data, track product/activities in the field, and send targeted SMS alerts. 

Projects or governments can license Esoko and set up a national Market Information System (MIS).

 Esoko is a hosted application maintained, supported and upgraded by Esoko,  so no special software or hardware is required. The platform is accessed from any internet-enabled PC or via SMS.  It is available in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese, and is easily translatable into other languages.

Other features currently include:

  • Profiles (GIS, households, cropping etc.)
  • Automatic SMS Alerts (prices, offers, weather)
  • Bulk SMS Push (advisories, notification, procurement)
  • Scout Polling (track field data/activities)
  • Stock and Flow (track inventory/volumes)
  • Website Portals (advertise your services/project)
  • Easy Upload (SMS, Web, Java, Android)
  • GIS & Maps
  • Full data privacy and secure hosting

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