Equatorial Guinea, Malawi to strengthen collaboration

The presidents of Equatorial Guinea and Malawi have taken steps to increase cooperation during a meeting between Equatorial Guinea's President, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and Malawi's President, Joyce Hilda Banda.

The two presidents met at the margins of the United Nations General Assembly to discuss increasing cooperation in trade and development.

Following the meeting, Mrs. Banda said that other African nations can learn much from successful development efforts in Equatorial Guinea.

"President Obiang is committed to changing the lives of ordinary people," she said. "You go to Equatorial Guinea and see this--see buildings going up, new projects, development everywhere."

Mrs. Banda said that Equatorial Guinea "is a country that has done well economically." She said she believes Malawi can benefit from increased trade and stronger relations with Equatorial Guinea.

Mrs. Banda was elected to office in the midst of a severe economic crisis in Malawi and immediately took steps to devalue the kwacha, Malawi's currency, and reign in government spending. She has made transparency in government and economic restructuring her top priorities.

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