Egypt’s Communications Minister, Magued Osman, and visiting Chief Election Commissioner, S. Y. Quraishi

Egypt’ s new Communications Minister, Magued Osman, has met a delegation from India for talks on India’ s model for electronic voting.

The Ministry said the meeting reflected the keenness of the Egyptian government to get acquainted with the international expertise concerning the various e-voting systems, notably the Indian system.

Dr. Osman added that the Indian model is known for its maturity, and he emphasized the great similarities between Egyptian and Indian societies, such as the number of population and the social classes.

He said while the government is interested in introducing e-voting for the parliamentary elections, it was not yet decided whether this would be implemented or whether technology systems to be used would be Egyptian.

He noted that there were several serious challenges in the way of e-voting for the next election – including the question of public trust, the cost of the necessary technologies, the time required to roll these out, and other logistical issues.

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