Econet Solar in every African country

Econet Wireless subsidiary Econet Solar plans to have a distributor of its home solar kit in every country by June this year.

Econet Solar launched a range of home solar power systems late last year. Ranging in size from a small unit with four lights and a charger, to a full home power system, the solar power units are designed to be used on a prepaid basis using a SIM card.

Econet Wireless founder and executive chairman, Strive Masiyiw said at launch: “The reality is that they are just too expensive for people to afford. We are launching the Home Power Station to change all that.”

Econet Solar aims to  license its breakthrough solar lighting solution to telecoms operators from around the world.  In markets where Econet does not operate a network, the company is licensing other operators to offer the service. An operator is expected in every market in Africa by June.

The company’s flagship product, the Home|Power|Station, has been installed around the Kwa Mashu area nestled in the valley of a thousand hills in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. These pilot units have been functioning well, and changing the lives of the people in the areas of installation. Similar pilot projects were planned in Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Burundi.

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