EcoCash wraps up integration with ‘most Zim banks’

By Alfonce Mbizwo, Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Econet says it has reached an agreement with most banks in the country to integrate their systems with its mobile money transfer service.

Chief executive Darlington Mandivenga today said he expected every single bank to be integrated onto the EcoCash platform by the end of March.

He said the process of integrating the banks on EcoCash the platform was now progressing smoothly.

The company sent a text message to all of its 8 million plus customers saying that issues have been resolved with virtually all the banks, and that integration is progressing.

Econet said once a bank's systems had been integrated, its customers would be able to transact via mobile from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

"You can move money from your account, and send it to someone in Zimbabwe even at midnight from China; it is that flexible," it said.

EcoCash says many local businesses are using EcoCash integration to deposit money into their accounts after banking hours, avoiding having to hold onto cash.

Banks that do not have integration have been concerned about losing customers to those banks that are have already linked with EcoCash.

Econet has however assured them and its customers that by the end of March, every bank that "wants to be integrated" would be integrated.

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