Ghana’s main online group, e-Commerce Association of Ghana, is aiming high to become the continent’s leading national e-commerce association following its official launch.

Undeterred by the on-going ravaging effect of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the Executive Director of the e-Commerce Association of Ghana, Paul Asinor told Biztech Africa that plans are far advanced for the official launch of the e-Commerce Association of Ghana in Accra.

He is hopeful that by the end of the third quarter of this year the association will be finally out doored with a physical event or done virtually.

“As the current coronavirus pandemic is slowly showing signs of a probable second wave, we are currently observing the situation critically to see whether, the formal launch of the e-Commerce Association of Ghana will be finally outdoored with a physical event or done virtually. However, I assure you whatever the pandemic situation, the launch will be within this quarter of the year, he stressed.

Currently affiliated to the continent’s e-Commerce body, known as the e-Commerce Forum Africa (EFA),the association is determined to grow it’s member e-commerce companies and stakeholders through best practice, maximise their profitability and create jobs in the coming months, while at the same time sharing its common beliefs in increasing awareness, confidence and capability of the e-commerce industry in Africa.

According to Paul, to achieve its prime objective of becoming the number one e-commerce grouping in Africa, e-CAG recognizes the need to immediately remove any obstacles like lack of trust and the incidence of online fraud which only mitigates the gains made in a very lucrative sector which has a massive potential of boosting the economic growth of the country.

With a current membership of close to 30 and looking forward to meet its target of 50 fully paid members by December 2020, e-CAG is made up of e-commerce websites, online digital platforms, fintechs, cyber security companies, e-commerce enablers, courier companies and ISPs.

Unlike other business groupings in the country who have to deal with the challenging effects of COVID-19 on their operations, e-CAG is witnessing a massive surge in its business activities.

“Ironically, the same pandemic has led to a boost in the e-commerce industry in Ghana as the COVID-19 restrictions and protocols have forced shoppers (who might not have considered to buy products online yet) to consider the internet as an alternative for, especially, their essentials like medicine, groceries, etc and many of our members have had as much as over 100% growth in sales since March this year,” he said.

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