Cornelius Ramatlhakwane

BotswanaPost Chief Executive Officer, Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, has been appointed Vice Chairperson of the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) CEO Postal Forum for a 2-year tenure.

With this elevation, Botswana and sub-Saharan Africa is expected to benefit immensely especially in the areas of stakeholder cooperation.

Speaking on this development the entity’s communications manager Tshepo Maphanyane said his presence at PAPU is expected to tip in Botswana’s favour.

“Yes, the vision of the Pan African Post Union is to drive the implementation of the single territory while encouraging cooperation of stakeholders and the appointment of Ramatlhakwane will put Botswana at the forefront of driving this mandate. Being the deputy chairperson means he will be part of the leadership implementing the Union’s resolutions.”

With technology being the heartbeat of business at the Post, it is expected that BotswanaPost will enhance its trajectory in terms of digitisation is concerned, ably aided by this PAPU alignment. Some of the operators have done some benching marking exercises with BotswanaPost so that the postal industry remains relevant during this era of digital transformation.

She noted that “Ramatlhakwane was part of the panel that was presenting at PAPU CEO’s forum on the topic of postal digital transformation. This therefore means now as part of the PAPU leadership he will share Botswana’s expertise so as to bring all the operators in the region on board in digital transformation and also learn from those that are ahead of us in that area.”

To date, the Post is gearing for an upsurge in new technologies that have been hewn by the Internet of things (IoT). Since the incoming of the current management team in 2016/17 financial Year, BotswanaPost is said to have prioritised technology at the forefront of her strategy. 

“Fast forwarding to 2020 we put to market an ecommerce platform that is still in its formative phase called MyUniversal Shop meant to augment and springboard our relevance in the growing global ecommerce business opportunity,” explained Maphanyane, “MyUniversal Shop allows access to over 200 international brands that any of our customers can access for goods and services.”

Just recently, BotswanaPost launched a varied Mail product called Virtual Post Box which was fully approved by the regulator BOCRA such that literally “ALL individuals can now own a post box.” Virtual Post Box allows one’s cellphone to be registered as their mailing address, with the flexibility of choosing their preferred collection point.

“These are just a demonstration of efforts and response initiatives that sort to drive BotswanaPost into the ‘internet of things’,” she explained.

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