Digital switchover to boost e-commerce

The complete switch-over from analogue to digital transmission mean better broadcast quality and a wider variety of channels for consumers, yet for the corporate world the switch is going to mean more than that, says online retailer Jumia.

Jumia believes the digital migration will boost e-commerce uptake in Kenya and assist the acquisition process of new customers for the e-commerce sector.

“Some digital TV service providers offer their customers a three-service package that involves television, internet and telephone services over a single bill per month over one fibre optic cable connection, ” says Parinaz Firozi MD Jumia Kenya.

 “This means more people will get access to an affordable internet connection and many retailers will migrate their businesses online moving back and forth between online and physical stores to make their livelihood and maximize the advantages of both,” adds Firozi.

Similar sentiments are shared by Aleeda Fazal MD of Kaymu Kenya another online marketplace in Kenya, “The internet is very crucial to this business most customers will check online for a product before buying it, they compare prices and then make up their mind. This definitely boosts e-commerce.”

According to Aleeda, most online shoppers are located around urban areas where internet is accessible with Nairobi forming the biggest chunk of online shoppers. She believes that with most digital TV service providers offering internet that can be shared among people within the same flat, more people will access online shops thus boosting e-commerce.

Leading the pack among digital TV service providers offering a 3-service package inclusive of internet is Zuku fibre as more set top boxes with the capability to interface with such devices such as a cell phone, memory card or internet modem continue to make their entry into the Kenyan Market.

Kenya's digital migration suffered a setback late last year, after a two-judge bench extended the migration date “until further directions of the court", allowing three media houses Nation Media Group, Royal Media Services and Standard group to continue transmitting on the analogue platform until their application is heard. However, Most Kenyans continue to ready themselves for the migration.


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