Drive Control Corporation (DCC), exclusive StorMagic distributor for the SA and SADC region, has announced the certification of StorMagic SvKMS as a third-party key management server solution for Commvault.

DCC, also an official Commvault distributor, will with immediate effect make the StorMagic SvKMS solution available to its channel partners. Using SvKMS, businesses can now protect Commvault software encryption keys before storing the keys in Commvault’s CommServe server databases.

Most organisations today manage multiple encryption workloads that require encryption of many types of data, such as repositories and databases.  This in turns adds additional layers of risk and complexity to data protection.

The StorMagic SvKMS third-party key management server solution provides organisations with simple, centralised key management for Commvault encrypted backups. This integration enables the complete separation of the encryption lock and keys, a security best practice that delivers peace of mind to businesses tasked with safeguarding sensitive digital assets.


Explains Raul Del Fabbro, StorMagic product specialist at DCC: “To integrate Commvault encrypted backups with SvKMS, users enable a third-party key management server within the Commvault management console, which allows for the storage and provisioning of encryption keys through StorMagic SvKMS. 

“StorMagic SvKMS key manager integrated with Commvault software makes it easy to encrypt all of an organisation’s data and centrally manage the keys,” he adds.

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