Quest, a global player in new generation data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, has named DataGroupIT as its distribution partner for Quest and One Identity across Africa.

When considering potential distribution partnerships for Africa, Quest applied a strict set of requirements. It was imperative that the chosen candidate have local teams in Africa including Sales, Pre-sales, and Channel teams. The new partner had to have the capacity to maintain a 200+ partner network which spans Sub-Sahara Africa, and have direct, sound relationships with partners and end customers. DataGroupIT met all of these requirements.

This strategic partnership is set to strengthen Quest’s delivery model across the continent. With its security focus, DataGroupIT brings expertise in the sale and distribution of premiere security products in Africa.

According to Andrew Voges, Africa Director at Quest, this new partnership will strengthen growth markets and enlarge Quest’s footprint, effectively bringing technology to all markets throughout Africa.

Voges explains that DataGroupIT was selected as Quest’s African distribution partner due to its dedication to the region, and extensive expertise. “We have great confidence in DataGroupIT’s ability to deliver.


It holds over 15 years’ experience in distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa, with sole rights, in all economies, and with thousands of customers across the continent,” adds Voges.“Growth is what they do well.” The partnership offers the added benefit of leveraging DataGroupIT’s network, which includes some of the biggest vendors in Africa. With this, the distributor will offer in-depth understanding of vendor processes, and how to manage them effectively and consistently.

Amir Shtarkman, Vice President: Business Development and Products, DataGroupIT, explained that the partnership will drive DataGroupIT’s six pillar model in the region, offering end customers greater simplicity on their cybersecurity framework plan.

Quest and One Identity will enable DataGroupIT to complete its reference architecture. “This will empower us to provide customers with a complete end-to-end solution, coupled with other solutions in their vendor stack,” adds Shtarkman.

In addition, Quest’s hybrid solutions, which can combine on-premises and Cloud solution, will afford DataGroupIT’s customers the flexibility of choice, based on their cloud readiness and the quality of country infrastructure.

DataGroupIT will distribute Quest and One Identity solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. The distribution solutions will include Microsoft platform management, data protection, backup and migration, database management solution, and One Identity (IAM). With these solutions, the distributor is now positioned to provide end customers with special features, strengthening its solutions pack.

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