Databuild – from lead tracker to knowledge hub

Originally established in 1974 as a lead tracker of residential, building and civil projects, Databuild has evolved to become a pivotal player in the construction and allied industries and a vital source of intelligence for all stakeholders.

“Manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors rely on Databuild to increase their business opportunities through our extensive spectrum of services, all of which are geared to delivering accessible, dependable construction information,” declares Databuild CEO Morag Evans.

Databuild’s flagship offering, Databuild Online, is a dynamic online database of active contacts, projects and tender opportunities in South Africa and other African countries.

“The reliable and real-time information provided by Databuild Online enables users to proactively and timeously market their products and services to the right industry players throughout the supply chain and across all stages of a project’s lifecycle,” Evans explains. “Contact details of the architect, quantity surveyor and engineering team are also included, and we go to great lengths to ensure our clients engage with this information as efficiently as possible by empowering them to tailor it to their unique requirements.”

SalesConnect takes lead management one step further and enables users to maximise their sales leads by consolidating the sales information so that they can control their sales process.

A monthly snapshot overview of key economic trends affecting the local construction industry is provided through Databuild Insight. “This must-read electronic publication gives construction businesses the necessary strategic information they need to operate effectively and proactively in today’s industry.

For those who are always on the road, Databuild has developed Databuild Anywhere,  a mobile application which provides users with full access to their Databuild Online account through their Android or iPhone device. The geolocation features allows users to search for projects and companies around them, and view relevant contact information, watchlists and tasks.

“The economics of the construction environment have changed considerably since our beginnings in the 1970s, says Evans. “Today’s environment poses significantly more challenges and with only 24 hours in a day at the disposal of any of the various role players, all are increasingly hard-pressed to keep abreast of new products and technologies, look for new opportunities and do more with less while keeping their businesses running. Consequently, the demand for accurate knowledge is rapidly intensifying, even as educated skills in the market become scarcer.

“To meet this need, Databuild is transforming from an information provider into a knowledge hub for the construction and allied industries where we will be the once-stop source of intelligence required by all industry stakeholders. We will support this expertise with a range of services geared to assisting our clients in achieving their objectives.”

BuildConnect is an appointment service that brings specifiers and suppliers together in a mutually beneficial association. “This service will be available, for a fee, to all suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors, regardless of whether or not they are Databuild subscribers,” Evans explains.

CPDConnect is a series of hosted events exhibiting a range of the latest technologies on the market. According to Evans, learning activities that enhance industry skills and knowledge while simultaneously earning CPD points will also be included and there will be opportunities to network in a relaxed, informal environment.

ShowcaseConnect comprises a range of products sourced by Databuild which are currently not available in South Africa. These will be showcased to specifiers at mini-expos and boutique exhibition events hosted at their practices.

“The introduction of these new services will firmly entrench Databuild as a knowledge and skills hub engineered to partner with all levels of the industry. Our greatest reward lies in knowing that our efforts contribute so positively towards the new business that our clients generate as a direct result of the effective application of our information,” Evans concludes.


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