Data, digital services our focus this year, says MTN

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

Leading telecoms company MTN Nigeria says its focus this year will be the provision of data and digital services to its customers in the country for the enhancement of good life.

It said having done so well in the voice segment of the telecoms sector with over 60 million of the 130 million subscribers on its network, it is important for it to focus on the less explored segment of data and digital services.

General Manager, Corporate Services, Funmi Onajide, who spoke in Lagos, said in the past, the focus was on voice that enabled people to connect so that they could make phone calls, adding that the industry has done so well in this respect.

She said: “That dispensation was known as Telco 1.5. Now, we are moving to Telco 2.0 which is characterized by full scale focus on data and digital services leveraging the power of the internet. That is why we launched the thematic campaign called BatterMe and you would have seen many adverts in the newspapers and other media.”

According to her, the Better Me campaign will show how ordinary Nigerians can use the power of the internet to do extraordinary things in ways that make for a better life in all sorts of ways, adding that Nigerians are very innovative and millions of people, especially the youth are already very familiar with the internet.

She said the Better Me campaign will build on that and we will expose Nigerians from all walks of life to how they can use the internet to do all sorts of things that are relevant to their peculiar circumstances and show them how various digital and data products and services can make their lives better.

Onajide said: “We will introduce to Nigerians content that they may not be aware of e.g. local content websites like pidgin-based websites, local language news and a variety of useful information which should help people to see the positive value in the internet.”


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