Congo Brazzaville, Turkey to collaborate on Central African Backbone project

By Issa Sikiti da Silva 

The Republic of Congo and Turkey look set to work together for the advancement of the Central African Backbone (CAB), a fibre optic project to interlink cities, towns and villages of Central Africa and connect countries with each other.  

This emerged at the talks recently held in the capital Brazzaville between the Turkish Ambassador to Congo Can Incesu and Congo posts and telecoms minister Thierry Lézin Moungalla.

Incesu said Turkey was more than ready to bring its telecommunication expertise to help the Central African Backbone (CAB) move faster and further. 

“I’m only acting as a facilitator because the agreements will be determined and signed by companies and entrepreneurs of the two countries after prospective studies,” he said.

“Similarly, the two governments will sit down and talk to decide in which areas they can collaborate and benefit from this cooperation,” he added.

The CAB project, which has also benefited from the financial muscles of the World Bank to the tune of US$160 million, is currently under construction and Congo is expected to take its network beyond its border to reach Gabon via the cities of Dolisie and Mbinda.

The project’s Phase One will connect Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic, and experts believe that though CAB is initially intended for Central African nations, it may also cross over to West Africa to reach oil-rich Nigeria.

Analysts said countries needed a lot of money and expertise to make the project a success in their respective territories, and in the case of Congo Brazzaville, Turkey said its ICT companies had the knowledge and expertise to help the CAB project reach its objectives.


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