Coming soon: light in a bag

A team in the US is developing affordable light sources in inflatable bags, for use in underserved areas and disaster zones.

The novel luminAID light is shipped as a small, folded plastic bag embedded with a solar panel and bright LED light. Once inflated, the bag can be carried or suspended to provide light in place of a lantern. The unit is also waterproof and can float.

Developed in response to the lack of available light in disaster areas, the luminAID now looks set to become an affordable alternative for developing areas where light is unavailable too. The light has met with an enthusiastic response where it has been tested in under-developed areas of South America and Asia. A partnership was also established last year with Advance Aid in Kenya to distribute luminAID lights to the refugee camps in Dadaab.

The solar panel allows the light to be fully charged in five hours of sunlight, it stores the charge for up to six months, and when set on low, delivers up to six hours of light.

A recent online campaign “Give Light, Get Light”, encouraged people to buy a luminAID light to ensure that for every purchase one was donated to a worthy cause.

The campaign also urges companies to buy bulk lots of the lights, which can be printed with a company’s logo, for distribution to needy areas.

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