CCK: use ICT to maximise postal sector

Kenya’s regulator has released draft findings on the postal and courier market review, with far reaching recommendations on how to streamline and harness the full potential of the postal and courier sector.

CCK last year commissioned a consultant, Analysys Mason Limited, to review the sub-sector with special emphasis on market development, competition, e-commerce, legal and regulatory challenges, reserved services, universal service obligations (USO), licensing, interconnection and security. 

The study identifies existing legal and regulatory challenges, and recommends the establishment of a   sector policy for postal and courier sector hinged on Vision 2030 and the 2010 Constitution with input from all postal stakeholders.

It also proposes that CCK shortens the courier licensing procedures to discourage unlicensed operators who are currently thriving in the sector.

And as a way of fast-tracking the growth of e-commerce, the study proposes introduction of a minimum threshold on imports, below which no import duty, taxes, insurance or levies will be charged. It also calls for involvement of stakeholders in a thorough review of the national addressing system.

The study further recommends that the CCK and the Postal Corporation Kenya (PCK) should establish universal access conditions, and develop a five-year roadmap on how it will be improved. This process should also incorporate benchmarks for quality of service and expected levels of achievement.

To ensure mail security, the study recommends that CCK and the industry association, Courier Industry Association of Kenya (CIAK) develop a mail integrity document which all operators will sign up, to provide basic and best-practice recommendations on operational security, physical security, staff awareness, mail- handling procedures, dealing with undelivered items, and employee protection.

Speaking at the event, ICT principal secretary Joseph Tiampati hailed the report as crucial in optimizing the potential of the postal and courier sector in the economic development of the country.

Mr. Tiampati challenged operators as well as stakeholders in the sector to leverage on the existing ICT policy framework to catalyse the growth of the sector and enhance service delivery.

The CCK DG Francis Wangusi said the report would help CCK enhance strategies to ensure the subsector is vibrant, competitive and growing as well maintaining a competitive and level playing field for operators.

The postal and courier sector which was liberalised in 1999, now boasts over 200 operators, and is worth Kshs7 billion, projected to double by 2015.


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