L-R: Jéhu Ndoumi, Director General of VYZYO’s local subsidiary YUNUS Cameroon, and Pierre Kaldadak, CEO of CAMPOST

Today VYZYO,  a provider of platforms and technologies for mobile financial services and CAMPOST, a national provider of postal and financial services in Cameroon, jointly announced a commercial partnership agreement to deploy and operate digital payment and mobile financial services throughout Cameroon. 

VYZYO will initially deploy its VYZYOPay™ solution which will enable CAMPOST to securely rollout and manage digital payments for government services, money transfers and international remittances as well as mobile financial services for micro-credit and micro-savings.

As part of the partnership between the two companies, VYZYO will also provide CAMPOST with strategic consultancy to increase the awareness, education and, most importantly, the adoption of these services, especially among the large underbanked and unbanked segments of the population in Cameroon.

CAMPOST is also planning to enable digital payments and mobile financial services for higher education, welfare disbursement and micro-insurance. 

“Our partnership with VYZYO and the new digital payment and mobile financial services we are launching together will strengthen our competitive positioning and create important new revenue streams for CAMPOST,” stated Pierre Kaldadak, CEO of CAMPOST. 

CAMPOST’s new services are intended to be both financially and socially inclusive and will be available to the entire population of the country, including those with limited or no access to banking services, health care and communications infrastructure.

Jéhu Ndoumi, Director General of VYZYO’s local subsidiary YUNUS Cameroon explained, “These new digital payment and mobile financial services will give all CAMPOST customers the opportunity to access new innovative transaction possibilities from the convenience of their mobile devices that were previously offered only by banks and insurance companies and were accessible only by the privileged segments of society.” 

VYZYO will also deploy its smart point-of-sale (PoS) terminals at CAMPOST branches and other strategic locations around Cameroon. These POS terminals will be securely integrated with the VYZYOPay platform and include a contactless NFC module, intuitive touchscreen and camera along with all the necessary local, regional and international certifications from Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay and other popular payment methods. 

These PoS terminals will allow CAMPOST customers to make payments with traditional debit and credit cards as well as contactless mobile payments with QR Code and NFC.

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