Cameroon, Chad sign fibre optic partnership

By Issa Sikiti da Silva

Cameroon is making a bold move to give a helping hand to its impoverished neighbour Chad. 

The two Central African nations, through their state-controlled telecommunication companies, recently signed a vital telecom partnership that could change the way their populations use ICTs.

“Chad gets internet from CAMTEL. We have been supplying internet to Chad for the past four years,” Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) MD David Nkotto Emane said at the signing ceremony in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé.

SOTEL was represented by its MD Hamit Djeroua Moura.

The partnership will, among others, see Cameroon support Chad in its efforts to extend its fibre optic network, which is only 750km long.

Cameroon’s fibre optic network is 6 000 km long, and the two countries are also expected to be linked by the Central African Backbone (CAB), a fibre optic network funded by the World Bank to the tune of US$160 million, and other donors.

The agreement will also provide an aspect of technical assistance, which provides sessions of intensive training in the handling and management of fibre optic and the creation of an appropriate pricing system.

The two companies’ telecom engineers and technicians will come together in the aim of building capacity and transferring skills.

Cameroon is Central Africa’s largest economy, while Chad is one of the world’s poorest countries.

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