BTCL releases ‘ultimate communications solution’

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

The Botswana Telecommunications Corporations Limited (BTCL) has unveiled a mobile VSAT product meant to revolutionise the way of doing business in the country. This revolution can be tapped from any location in the country according to information released by the company.

BTCL Managing Director Paul Taylor told the press that the mobile VSAT is the ultimate communication solution ideal for businesses in remote, temporary and emergency areas.

“The service can be used to transmit or receive data signals through a satelite. This primarily targets governent departments, that is millitary, police, disaster recovery efforts, and SMMEs such as tourism and lodges.  Mobile VSAT unit provides reliable business connectivity even in the most remote locations.”

According to Taylor, this is how the solution works; the user can pull up any location and quickly establish voice, video and data connection at the touch of a button. He added that the VSAT’s broadband signal is dependable, availab;e anywhere and easy to configure via satelite connectivity. “It helps businesses that need to move their virtual private network from one region to another seamlessly.”

The BTCL boss continued that at a quick button deployment, the dish will automatically deploy, lock on satelite and create high speed network for any in any range computers, smart-phones or other wireless devices. And in terms of aesthestics, the solution is built for extreme environments that can handle equally extreme weather conditions, be it rain or wind.

“It can send any communications network, helping to overcome any geographical barriers, terrestrial network limitations and other constraining infrastructure issues,” highlighted Paul Taylor.

Taylor reminded the participants at this Mokolodi Nature Reserve retreat that the need to asssure ubiquity in access to telecommunications services and products reflects his organisation’s commitment to bridge the digital devide.

 “In BTCL we see ourselves as catalysts for this change process in deleivering relevant and responsive products and services to the local market. In launching the Mobile VSAT today, it is impprtant to note that mainstreaming telecommunications solutions is a critical ingredient to fostering economic growth and diversification remains a key national priority.”

According to Taylor, these complements the adoption and implentation of the national ICT policy popularly known as Maitlamo, that reflects on a continued commitment to the development of a robust telecommuincations ecosystem predicated on transtioning the country from efficiency based economy, to a knowledge based economy underpinned by the inreased innovation, productivity and competition.” 

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