BTCL and beMobile merge

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Today sees the dawn of a new era as two big entities become one entity. beMobile and Botswana’s Telecommunications services provider BTCL have announced a mega merger that will see the two become one giant brand. The two have a common purpose rooted in the communications sector of Botswana.

(BTCL) was established in 1980 to provide, develop, operate and manage Botswana's national and international telecommunications services. The Botswana government holds 100 percent equity in the BTC. Botswana's history of sector reform dates to 1980, when the BTC was created through the Botswana Telecommunications Act. The act established the BTC as a monopoly of telecommunications services and separated it from Posts, which continued to operate as a government department.

Recently, BTCL has seen a leadership shift with the departure of Paul Taylor and the subsequent assumption of the CEO post by the equally able Anthony Masunga. Masunga has vowed to see and carry the new brand forward in a diligent manner as an astute leader of his calibre could possibly do.

“BTCL is a rare asset which was built by Batswana. It represents that. It’s a symbol of competence, commitment and results that our people can create when they work together,” Masunga told the media on the eve of the brand evolution. “My role will be to ensure that the new brand lives up to its new promise. We have a lot of talent amongst our young people in the field of technology and telecommunications. They haven’t been given the opportunity to thrive. BTCL is their network. We are talking to strategic partners in order to open gates for them to practice and perfect their craft,” said the BTC CEO.

He said BTC will play a very critical role in future industries in IT related fields Masunga was quoted at the brand launch. ”In Portugal, young people are given an opportunity to develop apps and other competencies that enable solutions in today’s world. Some of them are absorbed into the market and some are exported to growing economies, we have to follow the same model,” said Masunga.

Anthony Masunga has been at the helm of beMobile during its formative years and later COO for BTCL under Paul Taylor’s reign. He is the man who has a better picture of the two organisations and is well placed to usher the new entity into uncharted waters ahead.

Of this rare expertise Masunga said, Ï have worn both hats. Bringing the brands into one monolithic brand is premised on talking the best of what these brands represented. The name is BTC for the new brand, but it keeps the brand essence of beMobile because of the green. The idea is for us to simplify life and make it better through improved communications.””

As was expected after the rebranding, Masunga said the brand will not be represented by gadgets, he explained that it goes beyond that. “It’s about people, Live connected simply means living your life, be it an entrepreneur trying to get access to new markets, BTC will make sure that is possible. Be it a hospital that is looking for new solutions in saving lives, BTC is there, highlighted Masunga.

According to Masunga, this new brand is the beginning of a new journey. ”A long journey for a better Botswana he said. All of our ambitions will not be achieved in the one mile but when the journey begins we own our future. Our shares are there so that we all succeed together. We are building a new company where better customer experience is our mission. Our journey is simply designed to inspire a better future and a better tomorrow,” explained Masunga on the new brand that is BTC.        

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