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Bringing HR into focus across Africa as a means for attracting, developing and retaining top talent. With the continent open for business, skilled people could be the differentiator for the winning companies.

The discussion on people and how to better your management effectiveness is always a good one to have, but when it is coupled with automation, analytics and brilliant technology the discussion is even better.

 - HCM Sales Development & Strategy Leader – Africa, Oludare Ogunlade - Regional Sales Director West Africa and Flora Kang'ethe Director - Applications Cloud Business - Kenna have many years of experience in this area and are quick to comment on how and where benefits can be expected.

Africa is a continent filled with possibilities and as Flora says “Where can you build a road in Europe, they are all built” in Africa, there is significant space waiting to be built on.

Flora maintains that most companies see HR as a cost and very few companies have representatives at a board level. She says they don't see HR as a direct investment. Oludare points out the importance of using analytics to improve employee engagement and employee experience.

According to Oludare when companies engage with employees, they get the best out of people. Ronnie talks about how employees are any company's valuable assets, he also advised companies to avoid micromanaging people as it will not add value to their organisation.

Enjoy getting to know the people behind the Oracle brand and see their opinions on what challenges are being faced by managers across our continent.

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