Botswana Ministry introduces e-nnovation

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Botswana’s Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture (MYSC) is developing ways of getting the local youth to chart the technology waters by coming up with programmes that allow the them to be innovative for the benefit of the nation.   

The recent introduction of the e-nnovation Youth Empowerment Programme has come at a time when many techno savvy youths are becoming developers of apps and other such technologies.

E-nnovation Youth Empowerment Programme is a programme where the young people and graduates between 18-29 years will submit feasible business proposals in the Information Communication Technology and Science and Technology Sectors.

“Interested teams and individuals will be encouraged to submit and present business concepts that are unique yet beneficial to society in the long term.  There will be a substantial focus on creativity, innovation, social responsibility and sustainability of the project.”

In order to get the service, a few steps need to be followed according to the authorities. For example, a  young person should attend orientation on Application Guidelines and Forms; Young person then downloads guidelines and forms. Then the interested young person consults with relevant experts and Project Officers to complete application form. This includes collection of quotations, conducting market research, after that the young person submits the application forms via email

Authorities would then conduct a site visit before judging the presented business e-nnovation proposals. After winning the the participants are expected to sign a memorandum of agreement, as well as get training on Basic Entrepreneurial Training, Procurement process,   and receive operation and continuous monitoring.

Worldwide e-nnovation is an international student competition on Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation and e-Business. Run through the Ennovation Universities Network, the competition aims to educate students and young researchers in the field of innovation and digital entrepreneurship, as well as to promote young entrepreneurship in the fields of internet, mobile business.

Experts in the field help students to analyse and  promote  new  entrepreneurial  ideas and models for electronic businesses, along with new digital products and services.  An additional aim is to generate a collaborative environment for the further development of new innovative digital entreprises.

“The new Research Stream of proposals has been added since 2014, which focuses on technological innovation and business development research results and solutions that have been developed as a result of years of dedicated research,” adds an authority on the subject.  

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