Botswana Innovation Hub Vendor Day

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Botswana Innovation Hub will host the Innovation Vendor Day and Exhibition on Tuesday 18th August, 2015 at the Botswana Innovation Hub Science and Technology Park. The Technology and Innovation exhibition is part of the national Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) commemoration month that seeks to build awareness and nurture interest in Science, Technology and Innovation, as well as encourage investment in research and development (R&D) which is very in the country.   

The Innovation Vendor Day is a Technology and Innovation exhibition that promotes the uptake of technology by key users. The exhibition will showcase national innovations, especially those emanating from Botswana Innovation Hub registered companies and companies registered with the Botswana Innovation Hub’s technology entrepreneurship development programme, First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC). 

Speaking during the launch of the  STI commemoration month, minister responsible for Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Nonofo Molefhe  said engaging citizens was integral if the technology was to become commonplace.

“Open discussion fora and engaging citizens in scientific and technological development and practices is integral as it facilitates ownership, full participation in decision making as well as enhanced patriotism. This is critical since traditionally most people have conditioned themselves to believe that science and technology concepts are complex and hence felt intimidated by them.”

He added that there was need to motivate and create  awareness in the genre of ICT. “Creating awarenes of the employment of the rewards of scince, particulary at an early stage in education, can bring confidence to the youth to take up carreers in the field of science. To succeed in our efforts, we need innovative ways to create intrests and motivate the youth to choose carreers in science.

It also results in an informed active populace who understand how to voice their interests, act collectively and demand accountability. The awareness creation shopuld be an ongoing activity and thus be mainstreamed into various programmes and projects.”    

The event comprises exhibitions, panel discussions, pitch sessions and guided tours of the park for potential tenancy clients and those looking for land to develop. 

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