BoFiNet, BotswanaPost partner for Netball Cup Experience

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

As interest in the Netball World Youth Cup Gaborone 2017 reaches fever point in Botswana, the need for technological support has also been growing considerably. The world is a now a global village and as such there is urgent need for information to be communicated in real time. Last week saw the release of an application dedicated to the Netball World Youth Cup Gaborone 2017 by other stakeholders, others have stepped in to make this game a memorable one. Botswana Fibre Network (BoFINET) and BotswanaPost have opted to throw in their weight. 

“Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet) in partnership with BotswanaPost are delighted to announce a partnership of which the two will provide free Wi-Fi internet worth P1,130,000.00 (about 109113.817 US Dollars) at the Netball World Youth Cup Games – Gaborone 2017 (NWYC2017).

The Wi-Fi internet will appear under the ID ‘PosoCloud’. The sponsorship aims to enhance the experience of the World Cup for Batswana and international visitors,” said a statement from the two entities after unveiling this partnership.

The two organisations, BoFiNet and BotswanaPost, found it befitting to support this historic event by such a sponsorship, which will also uplift the status of the Games and other important activities that emanate from hosting an event of this magnitude here in Botswana.

“The sponsorship will enable people to stay connected at the venues and enjoy the use of fast and reliable Wi-Fi to share moments with the rest of the world as well as enable participants to work, communicate with their families and networks while appreciating the Games on a world-class internet connection.”

BotswanaPost and BoFiNet are both committed to providing outstanding services and to supporting the growth of Botswana’s profile as a desired host for sporting events. According to the information, “the free Wi-Fi will be available at the two venues where the games will be held which are; the University of Botswana (UB) Indoor Sports Arena and Ditshupo Hall. It will also be available at the venues that will be used for NWYC2017 related activities which are “Las Vegas” – UB, International Netball Federation Board Meeting - Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC), the Botswana National Sports Council and the Athletes Village at Block 9.”

According to information from the service provider Bofinet, “The Wi-Fi option targets service providers who already have built infrastructure and a billing system that allows the providers to develop their own products innovatively and provide Wi-Fi service via the BoFiNet infrastructure on lease. BoFiNet bills this wholesale service based on the traffic that has been generated and passed through the infrastructure. This option also provide for data offloading which is a system that it typically required by cell phone operators to off load their data traffic on hotspots to improve other service quality such as voice.”

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