The Botswana international University for Science and Technology (BIUST) is taking the lead in AI and putting into practice what they preach about being an institution leading in technology in Botswana.

The recent demonstration by the University that they are initiating drone enabled deliveries of medical supplies in this day of the Covid-19 pandemic is relevant. The institution has developed the drones that will be delivering some medication and related products to clinics and hospitals. This, according to the university, will start with the nearby and local health institutions before taking the whole country.

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Edwin Dikoloti expressed his appreciation of the initiative and commended the college taking the initiative.     

What is SmartBots

SmartBots is Botswana's new proposition to drive transformation across the economy, government and society through a number of key strategic initiatives and projects.

Why SmartBots

Botswana aims to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and move the country towards the Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE), without leaving anyone behind.

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