Benin to increase ICT expenditure in 2015

By Issa Sikiti da Silva, Banin
Ranked 23rd in Africa and 149th globally by the 2014 ITU ICT Index, Benin wants to repair its image of being a weak ICT spender carrying one of the continent’s less developed ICT sectors.

The government of Thomas Boni Yayi believes that the best way to achieve that feat and accelerate the digital transformation of Benin is to increase the country’s investments in this sector.

Therefore, the ministry of communications and ICT in this impoverished West African nation has revealed that the country will spend nearly US$50 million on ICTs in 2015, almost the double compared to 2014 figures.

Minister Jean Gbéto Dansou told the parliamentary commission on finance that the money will be used on the following purposes:

· Digital migration

· Implementation of universal services in electronic communications and postal services

· Strengthen the ministry’s infrastructure

· Build the ministry’s staff capacity

Commenting on the digital migration issue, Dansou said Benin was engaged in a battle that it was committed to win next year to meet its international commitments.

The battle of digital migration, he said, was the main cause why the country’s ICT expenditure will increase in 2015.



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